Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

December 30, 2014

Ilya-13Students often view the ride to school as an opportunity to grab twenty extra minutes of sleep, shovel down breakfast, awaken fully or, gear up to face the day. For Ilya Welfeld (class of ‘93), the ride from home, in Rockland County, to school served as bonding time with her stepfather, beloved Frisch teacher Mr. Gotlieb. Little life lessons intertwined with irreverent talk radio made for a special shared experience ahead of each day at The Frisch School.

Ilya was one of only four 8th graders in the small Jewish day school she attended after leaving public school in third grade. As such, Frisch offered more than an excellent Judaic and academic environment, providing highly valued extra-curricular and social opportunities as well.

Ilya-14Ilya enjoyed her high school experience, accepting the challenges of an intense education while fostering new friendships She was editor of the school’s literary journal, Kalliope, class president and enjoyed leading roles in the Frisch play under Dr. Krug. Thinking back to friendships made at Frisch, she believes these were among the deepest formed throughout her life. Among many fond memories, Junior Getaway stands out as the ultimate time away with the entire grade; a team and character building experience.

A strong believer in the power of relationships built during the formative high school years, Ilya has good reason to reflect with positivity. A gemorah and humash chevrutah led to a lasting and particularly valued friendship. When asked what was one of the best lessons learned at Frisch, Ilya answered, “Couples that learn together, stay together.” She married that chevruta, Michael Welfeld!

The strength of the Frisch education coupled with the necessity of learning to balance schoolwork with social life were key in helping prepare Welfeld for the life she cherishes today as wife, mother, daughter, community member and owner of Seymour Public Relations, a boutique communications agency.