A Tale of Two Goldfischers

January 10, 2015


To be a couple completely focused on growth is something nearly impossible to achieve. Yet, Yael and Rabbi David (‘98) Goldfischer embody what it means to live a life centered around growth. David began his Frisch life as a student in 1994 and both his and Yael’s involvement with Frisch as educators has played a role in their personal growth, and that of their four children and many students.


Like yin and yang, Yael and David are opposites, yet complement each other perfectly. As Assistant Principal, David plays an important administrative role, but in the classroom he likes to insert a little comedy into his teaching, whereas Yael, Head of the Chumash Department, will be the first to say how seriously she takes her class. The area they are in complete agreement over is that camaraderie and meaningful relationships are a necessary part of the learning experience. They each value a sophisticated and complex level of learning and have emphasized that Frisch students thrive due to a focus on the intellectual, passionate, in-depth understanding of the texts they are confronted with.

The dedication between the Goldfischers and their students is  mutual. For all the extra hours they put in, ranging from discussing plans with their students for the years after Frisch or spending the time to make a trip extra special, the students have given back to them as well. Whether through the gift of a leather bound notebook of the favorite things they’ve learned in Rabbi Goldfischer’s shiur, or the sharing by a young woman to Mrs. Goldfischer of the important role she has played in her life, the Goldfischers relationship with their students lasts well beyond graduation.

The Goldfischer children also reap the benefits of their parents’ dedication. With their home often the setting of informal get-togethers with students, their children not only see their home as an open and inviting environment, but also one where Torah is a constant presence and learning is fun.

Yael and David truly lead by example and try to find meaning in all that’s around them. Whether it be learning from their colleagues at Frisch (who are some of their best friends and best role models) or learning from their students, they are always looking to grow. Excitement about their day to day lives and the connections made with the students is palpable, and it is  impossible to ignore how lucky they feel to be surrounded by smart, open, fun and inquisitive minds on a daily basis.  What they do is not only a profession, but clearly something they truly love.