Through The Looking Glass

January 18, 2015

“As I teach my students, I can’t help but see myself sitting there. I identify with everything they are going through – that exciting feeling of starting school, with so many incredible opportunities and experiences ahead of you. Seeing my students’ progress through each grade, cheering for the Cougars and finding their passion in extracurricular clubs allows me the opportunity to relive it all. It is amazing to see and experience it all again through my students’ eyes. It really allows me the chance to appreciate what I gained in my years at Frisch.”

sarit - high schoolHaving written her own successful Frisch story, Sarit (Bendavid) Anstandig, ’07, returned to write the sequel as a Humash teacher and Freshmen Grade Dean.  Her current experience is not simply a continuation of the story she finished in 2007, but is a reflective process through which Sarit infuses her past into her present to create something altogether more powerful that resonates with all of her students. Her story is one of returning to her roots to bring her unique perspective – her personal Frisch story – to the students in her classes and the larger student body.

One of Sarit’s favorite memories as a Frisch student was as a freshman on Freshman Retreat. As an amazing Shabbat was coming to a close with Havdalah, she looked around at her new classmates and teachers. The dim lights only allowed her to see the bright flame of the Havdalah candle and its reflection on everyone’s faces. In that moment, she felt a thrill of anticipation as she thought about her new Frisch family and all the stories they would write together.

sarit - weddingAs a teacher, seeing that reflection – the dual anticipation for the incredible stories still to come, and appreciation for great stories already lived – in both her students and fellow teachers still moves Sarit. It’s what brought her back to Frisch. Sarit stresses that on the most basic level, her time at Frisch was framed by meaningful and positive experiences that truly shaped the story of her life. Her goal is to impart that Frisch legacy to her students so that they too can continue to write their own successful story.